Human rights, development, and global legal studies

'new world' - a building site constructing the countries of the world.This theme encompasses work around the development, impact, movement, and deployment of doctrine, approaches, jurisprudence, and norms across national and transnational legal spaces.  

Researchers have submitted and/or influenced amici curiae and third party interventions to courts around the world; worked with civil society partners and campaigners to challenge inequalities and injustices and; provided guidance and critique of regulations, policies, and frameworks of national, supranational and global institutions. Research has been published in journals such as Feminist Review, International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, and Social Legal Studies. We write frequently for The Conversation, the Oxford Human Rights Hub and provide expert comment on current affairs.

In addition to our school-wide Research Seminar Series, researchers and postgraduate students can get involved with this theme through the Global Legal Studies, and Gender and the Law Research Groups

Theme lead



Major publications

  • Kate Bedford, Bingo Capitalism: the Law and Political economy of Everyday Gambling. (Oxford University Press 2019)
  • Meghan Campbell,  Women, Poverty, Equality: The Role of CEDAW (Hart 2018) shortlisted for the Socio-Legal Scholars Association Early Career Research Prize. 
  • Aleksandra Čavoški (2020) Science and Law in Environmental Law and Policy: The Case of the European Commission, Transitional Environmental Law
  • Fiona de Londras & Cora Chan (eds), China's National Security: Endangering Hong Kong's Rule of Law?  (Hart 2020)
  • Damian Gonzalez-Salzberg Sexuality and Transsexuality under the European Convention on Human Rights: A Queer Reading of Human Rights Law (Hart 2019)
  • Natasa Mavronicola & Laurens Lavrysen (eds) Coercive Human Rights: Positive Duties to Mobilise the Criminal Law under the ECHR (Hart 202o)
  • Mohammad Shahabuddin, Ethnicity and International Law: Histories, Politics and Practices. (Cambridge University Press. 2016)
  • Bosko Tripkovic The Metaethics of Constitutional Adjudication (Oxford University Press 2017)  
  • Ben T C Warwick, (2019) Unwinding Retrogression: Examining the Practice of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Human Rights Law Review

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Women, Poverty, Equality - Meghan Campbell
Birmingham Heroes: Fiona de Londras