International Economic Law and Policy

BA Modern Languages OU pathwayInternational Economic Law is an increasingly topical area of the law with momentous developments in all its various strands happening almost on a daily basis.

The International Economic Law and Policy Working Group (IELPWG) is a highly-focused discussion group for those numerous scholars (staff and PhD students) in Birmingham Law School with a core expertise and interest in trade, investment, antitrust and competition, finance and monetary affairs, EU internal and external trade. It works as an interest group with regular meetings where research is presented and topical developments discussed. While the core focus of the group is on the law, it is open to scholars coming from other disciplines (mostly economics and political science) and will also benefit from the contribution of invited speakers.

Group lead:

  • Luca Rubini - EU and international trade and competition law


  • Anthony Arnull - European Court of Justice – EU governance – relationship between EU and UK
  • Olukunle Davis Oke - international investment law and arbitration, Energy Law (with a focus on oil and gas), and maritime law
  • Rilka Dragneva-Lewers - regional trade integration, Eurasia
  • Joanna Gray - financial law and regulation
  • Julian Lonbay -  legal tech in professional legal practice and training
  • Martin Trybus - EU law and policy, public procurement, trade agreements

Doctoral researchers:

  • Love Alfred - renewable energy and sustainable development
  • Ben Czapnik - WTO law, international economic law, animal policy and socio-legal techniques
  • Rezaul Karim - development and the world trading system
  • Alice Manzini - EU external relations law, EU trade law and policy and public procurement
  • Arinze Okiche - Regional integration and flexibility, competition law and sustainable development in Africa

Recent and forthcoming events:


Our researchers talk about their work: