IMH Lunchtime Webinar with Dr Snigdha Dutta

Monday 11 October 2021 (13:00-14:00)

Caroline Durbin -

Dr Snigdha Dutta

Resilience of university students: A whole-university approach to promote mental health and wellbeing

with Dr Snigdha Dutta, Project Associate, Cambridge Centre for Teaching & Learning, University of Cambridge

"In this webinar, I will be clarifying the role of resilience as a socio-ecological process of human development, which goes beyond the narrow conceptualisation of resilience as a trait. I will present findings from my PhD in which the validity of a novel socio-ecological model of resilience was investigated in undergraduate students. Finally, the implications of embedding resilience into the whole-university approach to promote mental health and wellbeing in students will be discussed."

Dr Snigdha Dutta is a Project Associate at the Cambridge Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Cambridge. In her current role, she co-develops research informed initiatives to enhance inclusive education for undergraduate students, with a particular attention to their mental health and ethnicity. She has a background in Mental Health Research and prior experience of working as a special needs educator in India.

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