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The Institute for Mental Health works to improve the outcomes and care for young people with mental health problems. We will do this by working together to understand the causes of poor mental health, prevent mental health problems from developing, and respond to established illness by developing new treatments and services.

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Latest news

16 November 2020

Death and the 'Spanish Lady': Suicide in Pandemic Times

In 1918-19, the 'Spanish Flu', (or Spanish Lady'), is estimated to have killed over 50M people. What is less well-known is that many others succumbed to its effects on mental wellbeing and died by suicide as a result.

13 February 2020

Finding solutions for treatment-resistant depression

Professor Steven Marwaha, responds to recent NICE guidelines which do not recommend Esketamine for patients with treatment-resistant depression, arguing this will have a serious impact on those with the condition.

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