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Cumming, J, Clarke, FJ, Holland, MJG, Parry, BJ, Quinton, ML & Cooley, SJ 2022, 'A Feasibility Study of the My Strengths Training for Life™ (MST4Life™) Program for Young People Experiencing Homelessness', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 19, no. 6, 3320.

Shields, GE, Buck, D, Varese, F, Yung, AR, Thompson, A, Husain, N, Broome, MR, Upthegrove, R, Byrne, R & Davies, LM 2022, 'A review of economic evaluations of health care for people at risk of psychosis and for first-episode psychosis', BMC Psychiatry, vol. 22, no. 1, 126.

Scott, J, Etain, B, Miklowitz, D, Crouse, JJ, Carpenter, J, Marwaha, S, Smith, D, Merikangas, K & Hickie, I 2022, 'A systematic review and meta-analysis of sleep and circadian rhythms disturbances in individuals at high-risk of developing or with early onset of bipolar disorders', Neuroscience and biobehavioral reviews, vol. 135, 104585.

Tidmarsh, G, Whiting, R, Thompson, JL & Cumming, J 2022, 'Assessing the fidelity of delivery style of a mental skills training programme for young people experiencing homelessness', Evaluation and Program Planning, vol. 94, 102150.

the PRONIA consortium 2022, 'Clinical, brain, and multilevel clustering in early psychosis and affective stages', JAMA psychiatry, vol. 79, no. 7, pp. 677-689.

Watson, AJ, Giordano, A, Suckling, J, Barnes, TRE, Husain, N, Jones, PB, Krynicki, CR, Lawrie, SM, Lewis, S, Nikkheslat, N, Pariante, CM, Upthegrove, R, Deakin, B, Dazzan, P & Joyce, EM 2022, 'Cognitive function in early-phase schizophrenia-spectrum disorder: IQ subtypes, brain volume and immune markers', Psychological Medicine.

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