Sustainable Plastics Exhibition 2024

The Birmingham Plastics Network, alongside the University of Birmingham's Sustainability team, are hosting the Sustainable Plastics Exhibition from 11-13 June.

Throughout recent industrial history, plastics have been a mixed blessing. Their durability, efficient cost and lightweight nature have solved numerous problems and created opportunities for a broad range of users, yet their widespread use has also contributed to serious environmental crises. By exploring the history of plastics, we can tackle the urgency in migitating their impact.

Join us for an informative and educational exploration of the universal role of plastics within industry and society. Hosted by the Birmingham Plastics Network and the University of Birmingham’s Sustainability Team, this unique event challenges preconceptions and celebrates innovation, enabling us to consider how our relationship with plastics should evolve towards a more sustainable future. The exhibition aims to showcase our research progress and resolutions through a selection of case studies. 

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Sustainable Plastics Exhibition

  • Tuesday 11 June 2024, 10am - 4pm
  •  Undercroft, Biosciences (Building R27)

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