Preserving and Creating Culture

How do we protect and present culture? How do we celebrate, understand and integrate our cultural differences? How do we define culture and measure its value?

What can history teach us about monocultures in the 21st century?

It is widely accepted that monoculture creates many environmental, social, and economic issues. Will a historical perspective finally get us to take action?

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When we arrive at the future, where will it have come from?

Professor Max Saunders examines where visions of the future come from, looking back to an enlightening series of projections written nearly 100 years ago that has led him to launch a new series called FUTURES, imagining what we might expect in a world of tomorrow.

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How is technology accelerating the discovery of new dinosaur species?

For all of the innovation and advances in technology, the field of palaeontology is still rooted in traditional methods of discovery - be that rummaging through museum collections or through field work. Imaging technologies, however, are helping researchers analyse and interpret specimens, revolutionising the field.

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How can we decide who plays the hero?

From Bond to the Bard, a strategic research partnership between the Birmingham and Waseda is supporting researchers in shifting thinking around the legends of stage and screen.


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