Cognitive and Meta-cognitive responsible business behaviours

Grigorios (Greg) Lamprinakos has been a Research Fellow at Birmingham Business School since January 2020, based in the Lloyds Banking Group Centre for Responsible Business. The main focus of Greg's research is to examine the cognitive and metacognitive processes that drive responsible behaviour.

Greg's broader research aim is to examine the relationship between strong emotions and thought process in consumers and how this affects their decision making, particularly in regard to choosing more repsonsible and sustainable products and services. Greg's current project focuses on the moderating role of power on socially responsible behaviour, through the affective and cognitive validation of thoughts, and the further development of the self-validation hypothesis and research paradigm. This line of research suggests that self-validation can accommodate apparently contradictory sets of results, indicating that power can either increase or decrease socially responsible behaviour, depending on the dominant thoughts at the time of the power induction.

Greg obtained his PhD from Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece (department of Marketing and Communications) conducting his thesis in collaboration with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid in Spain (department of Psychology). His research focuses on the underlying cognitive and meta-cognitive processes that drive persuasion, attitudinal and behavioral change.

Greg is currently both a member of (GAPI) International Group for Attitudes and Persuasion in the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and (GAP) Group for Attitudes and Persuasion in the Ohio State University. Part of his research has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the European Journal of Marketing and the European Journal of Social Science Education and Research.

In the last three years, Greg has worked as a Lecturer of Marketing for Oxford Brookes University (Business College of Athens Campus) and the University of Derby (UoB) where he taught various Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility classes.

Greg has contributed to a journal article submitted to the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology entitled ‘The Influence of Emotion on Information Processing and Persuasion: Reconciling Classic and Contemporary Research on Anger, Surprise, and Awe’, as well as an article entitled ‘"Keep Calm and Carry On":  The Persistent Resilience of European Consumers in the Face of Austerity’  for the European Journal of Marketing.



Dr Grigorios Lamprinakos


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