Water Sciences

At Birmingham we are using cutting-edge approaches and blending expertise to develop sustainable solutions to global water challenges.

Birmingham has a long-standing reputation for undertaking research that addresses both natural and social science aspects of water including hydrology, water policy and governance.

Our researchers are developing innovative and sustainable solutions to solve the water problems that societies are facing today. They explore the grand challenges in water research which require multidisciplinary approaches to address water resources in a changing environment from floods, droughts and resilience to the problems caused by human activities.

By blending expertise in Environmental, Engineering, Health, Socio-economic, Cultural and Business-related aspects of water research, we address key challenges for a changing world.

Key areas include:

Adaptation and resilience - science for a changing environment: Freshwater systems are among the most endangered habitats in the world due to development, pollution and climate change.

Water security: too much, too little, too dirty: The global population faces significant water security threats related to: water supply, water pollution, wastewater removal, sanitation and associated ill health and the socio-economic impacts of droughts and floods.

Research that matters - local solutions, global context: Our research is essential to sustainably manage the supply and use of water, provide a healthy environment and enhance resilience of ecosystems and people to water-related risks in a changing world (e.g. more extreme droughts and floods).

"Billions of people world-wide are confronted with serious water related challenges including water scarcity, poor quality, lack of sanitation facilities and water related disasters such as floods and droughts."


David Hannah

David Hannah

Professor of Hydrology, Holder of the UNESCO Chair in Water Science

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