Film and talk: Wallah – Je te jure (2016)

Lectures Talks and Workshops, Social Sciences
Thursday 16th March 2017 (16:00-18:00)
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Wallah - Je te jure tells the stories of migrants travelling through West Africa to Italy

'Wallah - Je te jure' tells the stories of men and women travelling along West African migration routes to Italy. Senegal’s rural villages, Niger’s bus stations and 'ghettos' full of traffickers, Italian squares and houses are the backdrops of these courageous trips, which often end in tragedy. No matter the cost, the goal to reach Europe will be achieved, 'Wallah'. But there are those who, tired from the journey, turn back home.

With Giacomo Zandonini (journalist and production assistant) and Nando Sigona (IRiS).