Brexit Seminar Series: Beyond Brexit Britain: Older British migrants in Spain

Muirhead 112
Wednesday 7 February 2018 (15:00-16:00)

To register for this event please contact Ann Bolstridge, IRiS Manager -

The EU referendum has created huge uncertainty for older British migrants living in Spain in relation to their rights to reside and access to support. It may also have a profound impact on their sense of belonging and identities as British, Spanish or EU citizens. This project, led by Dr Kelly Hall, draws on qualitative interviews with British pensioners living in Spain to explore i) how the vote to leave the EU impacts on the identities and experiences of older British migrants living in Spain; ii) how the referendum impacts on their past, current and future migration trajectories; and iii) the impact of any changes to their rights to health care, social care and welfare support. The project will also explore whether Brexit has or is likely to trigger the return of elderly British people from Spain, which will have significant implications for health, care and other welfare services in the UK. Join Dr Kelly Hall for a discussion of this research and its findings as part of the IRiS Brexit Seminar Series.

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