Brexit Seminar Series: What next? Where next? Post-Brexit fears among secondary migrant Somali Muslims in Birmingham

Muirhead Tower - 714/15
Wednesday 10 January 2018 (15:00-16:00)

To register please contact IRiS Manager, Ann Bolstridge -

Secondary migrant Somali families have settled in Birmingham having sought asylum in various EU countries. The perceptions of the UK as being tolerant to religious and cultural expressions of their identities was a key factor in their migration to the UK (van Liempt, 2011). In the aftermath of the Brexit vote, Dr Chris Allen and researcher Ozlem Young conducted a research project which examined the lived experiences of these families with a focus on identity and belonging. Through interviews, the research highlighted the multiple complexities many had faced in trying to construct their identities, acknowledging how attachments to multiple places, experiences and communities through the migration process had deeply impacted this process. Join Dr Chris Allen for an discussion of this research as part of the IRiS Brexit Seminar Series.

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