Brexit Seminar Series: EU families and 'Eurochildren' in Brexiting Britain

Muirhead 714/715
Wednesday 7 March 2018 (15:00-16:00)

To register for this event please contact IRiS Manager, Ann Bolstridge -

The UK has been a part of the EU for 40 years. During this period several generations of children born to parents of mixed EU nationalities have been born. This segment of society is greatly underreported yet will be severely effected by the implications of Brexit on citizenship for themselves, their parents and older generations of their families. Through the study of Eurochildren and their families, this project, funded by The UK in a Changing Europe, will chart the emergence of a new politics of belonging which reconfigures who belongs in a post-EU Britain and establish a baseline for future research on migration and settlement decision making involving EU families. To achieve this the project will:

1. Profile and map of UK and EU born children of EU nationals in the UK and examine different types of EU families.

2. Investigate how families with at least one EU27 member experience and respond to the process of exiting the EU.

3. Examine the impact of the EU referendum and its aftermath on different age groups of UK born Eurochildren, examining how they articulate their sense of belonging in relation to the uk and EU.

Join Dr Nando Sigona and Dr Laurence Lessard-Phillips for an overview of their research to date and discussion of their current findings.

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