Family, Race, Resources: understanding the assets & challenges for BME parents

NCVO, Society Building 8 All Saints Street London N1 9RL
Tuesday 22 May 2018 (14:00-18:00)

An event led by IRiS Research Fellow Dr Laurence Lessard-Phillips and The Runnymede Trust.

Government policy initiatives are increasingly looking to families to support and increase social mobility. The family is seen as an endless resource, able to nurture the next generation for the sophisticated needs of our future economy and society. What is often under-appreciated, however, is families themselves need support, investment and resources, such as time to attend to the emotional needs of their children. The reality of government policy and the way that employment is structured and remunerated in the UK, is that the needs of any children in the household are not accounted for. Single parent households will feel these limitations acutely.

In addition, for households from BME backgrounds, factor in, too, the parenting needed to cope with living in a society that will discriminate against their children. Noisy newspaper headlines about exclusion rates or carrying knives do not acknowledge the complex and highly-skilled work parents in general, and BME parents in particular, are engaged in.

During this event we will discuss these issues, and include the results from the project ‘Pathways to Inclusion’, whose aim was to examine parental resources and their effect on educational outcomes and political participation.

We invite all who have an interest in this area: parents, teachers, carers, social workers, academics, legislators and policy makers. Join us for an afternoon of stimulating discussion.

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