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How do changes and continuities in the global order and international migration, including the Covid-19 pandemic, Brexit and the European border regime, legacies of empire and challenges to the sending and receiving country divide, shape research on migration today? What new concepts and theories do we need to address the challenges and opportunities of migration-driven diversity? How do local, national, international and transnational processes interact? How do migrants and other local communities respond to and act upon a rapidly changing scenario, shaped by intersecting experiences such as age, racialisation, gender and sexuality? How does the study of migration need to change to be ready for the transformations in the decade ahead, including by decolonising research and developing more collaborative work across borders and regions?

The Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS) invites abstracts for paper and panel proposals that address these and other questions in empirical, theoretical and methodological contemporary migration studies research. We welcome academics at all career stages from a range of disciplines in the social and health sciences and the humanities, policy makers and practitioners to submit innovative papers and panel proposals.

Find more information and details in the full Call for Papers and Panel. Abstracts should be submitted electronically by 16th May 2022.

You can submit your abstract via the online submission page below. Please ensure you complete the correct section (Section A if you are submitting an abstract and Section B if you are submitting a panel proposal)

Further info: please contact Paladia Ziss, Conference Manager  

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