Migration, coloniality and belonging in 'Global Britain'

The Exchange
Friday 17 November 2023 (09:00-17:30)

A new understanding of Britain’s immigration and emigration story after Brexit

In the wake of Brexit, the United Kingdom has engaged in an interlinked process of repositioning itself within global networks of power and reworking its borders. Through this process has emerged a reimagined Britain and with it, a redefinition of its political community, politics and hierarchies of belonging.

Past political projects of belonging weigh heavily on this process. From the coloniality of Britain’s imperial project to its membership of the European Union, these have left their marks in ways that are now coming to the fore as the meaning of citizenship and boundaries of belonging are reworked. Central to this task are the rules and practice governing who is allowed or not to come or to remain in Britain, under what terms and conditions, who is eligible or not to become a citizen, and what being a citizen entails.

This day-long symposium explores all of this and more as the closing conference for the ESRC-funded Rebordering Britain and Britons after Brexit (MIGZEN) research project led by Professor Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham) and Professor Michaela Benson (Lancaster University). It brings together internationally renowned scholars, activists, representatives of CSOs working on these topics from different perspectives for an engaged and critical dialogue focused on the findings and outputs from the project.

Bolaji Balogun (University of Sheffield); Michaela Benson (Lancaster University); Manuela Boatcă (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg); Simon Cheng (Hongkongers in Britain); Adrian Favell (University College Cork); Catherine Craven (University of Sheffield); Charlotte Galpin (University of Birmingham); Fiona Godfrey (British in Europe); Andrew Geddes (EUI); Elspeth Guild (QMUL); Eiri Ohtani (Right to Remain); Fizza Qureshi (Migrant Rights Network); Nando Sigona (University of Birmingham); Kezia Tobin (The3Million); Peter Walsh (Migration Observatory, University of Oxford); Dan Winncott (Cardiff University); Helena Wray (University of Exeter); Colin Yeo (Free Movement); Elena Zambelli (Lancaster University); Elisabetta Zontini (University of Nottingham) 


MIGZEN assesses the consequences of the political and geopolitical shift brought about through Brexit for migration flows and governance, for formerly EU mobile citizens, including British citizens, and migrants

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