EU Accession Migration: Taking stock and looking forward - the West Midlands experience

The EU Accession Migration conference was jointly organised by the Institute for Research into Superdiversity (IRiS), the West Midlands Strategic Migration Partnership, Migrants Right Network and the Migrants in Rural Areas (MIRA) project.

Download a copy of the EU Accession Migration Conference Report (PDF)

It was heralded a great success and was attended by over one hundred people from a variety or organisations. If you missed the conference, you can see the presentations from the day here in the following Podcasts:

Anne Green, Institute for Employment Research, University of Warwick: 'The Economic Impact of Accession Migration'

Dr Pamela Robinson, Birmingham Business School, University of Birmingham: 'Migrant Labour in the West Midlands'

Tomasz Piotrowski,: 'MIRA: Migration and Integration in Rural Areas: Alleviating impacts of EU migration in rural areas

Dr Michal Garapich, University or Roehampton: 'Social cohesion, migration and the question for methodological balance'

Dr Jenny Phillimore, University of Birmingham: 'Social impacts and accession migration'

Dr Carlos Vargas-Silva, University of Oxford: 'EU accession migration: taking stock and looking forward'

Polish Expats Association

Arten Llazari: 'Social Impacts of Migration

Further information

For further information about this event please contact Dr Jenny Phillimore,