Artists in residence 2020-2021

Pietro Bardini, Composer

Pietro Bardini worked with researchers Eder Zavala, Ben Gibbison, Jamie Walker, Gianni Angelini, Stafford Lightman and Daniel Galvis on the ‘Uncovering the links between stress hormones and inflammatory mediators during and after cardiac surgery’ project.

Daniel Galvis, Jamie Walker ,Ben Gibbison, Gianni Angelini, Stafford Lightman

Mellissa Fisher, multidisciplinary artist

Mellissa Fisher worked with researchers Leandro Junges, Susan Mollan, Alex Sinclair and Wessel Woldman on the ‘Predicting, with Optical Coherence Tomography, Papilloedema – the POP study group’ project.

Susan Mollan, Wessel Woldman, Leandro Junges and Mellisa Fisher

Carol Breen, digital artist

Carol Breen worked with researchers Kyle Wedgwood, Daniel Galvis & David Hodson on the ‘Beta cell heterogeneity: the benefits of a diverse workforce’ project.

Carol Breen, Isabella Marinelli, Kyle Wedgwood, Daniel Galvis & David Hodson

Vicky Roden, multidisciplinary artist

Vicky Roden worked with researchers David Smith, Zaki Hassan-Smith, Neil Gittoes and Meurig Gallagher on the ‘Precision Antithyroid Therapy’ project.

David Smith, Meurig Gallagher, Vicky Roden and Neil Gittoes


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