Free to access collections of TSRC's work

We are marking our tenth anniversary by making available, for a limited time, three collections of publications by TSRC staff and students.

We have already launched one for the major third sector journal, Voluntas and Policy Press have made available a collection of over 25 contributions we have made to Voluntary Sector Review.

Casting the net more widely than third sector outlets, we are grateful to Sage for allowing us to bring together some fifteen journal articles which have appeared in various social science outlets since 2011 and which are all based on TSRC’s work.

They are available free to access until April 30th 2019.

The articles are listed below and the links should take you directly to them:

Brookfield, K, Parry, J, Bolton, V (2018) Getting the Measure of Prosocial Behaviors: A Comparison of Participation and Volunteering Data in the National Child Development Study and the Linked Social Participation and Identity Study, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 47, 5, 1081-1101

Kamerade, D and Bennett, M (2018) Rewarding work: cross-national differences in benefits, volunteering during unemployment, well-being and mental health. Work, Employment and Society, 32, 38-56.

Cornforth, C, Macmillan, R (2016) Evolution in Board Chair–CEO Relationships, A Negotiated Order Perspective, Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 45, 5, 949-970

Dey, P, Teasdale, S (2015) The tactical mimicry of social enterprise strategies: Acting ‘as if’ in the everyday life of third sector organizations, Organisation, 23, 485 – 504

Ryder, A (2015) One Nation Conservatism: a Gypsy, Roma and Traveller case study, Race & Class, 57, 2, 76-85

Beebeejaun, Y, Durose, C, Rees, J, Richardson, J, Richardson, L (2015) Public harm or public value? Towards coproduction in research with communities, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 33, 3, 552-565

Halford, S, Leonard, P, Bruce, K (2015) Geographies of labour in the third sector: making Hybrid Workforces in Place, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 47, 11, 2355-2372

Leonard, P, Halford, S, Bruce, K (2015) ‘The New Degree?’ Constructing Internships in the Third Sector, Sociology, 50, 2, 383-399

Kara, H, Arvidson, M (2014) To what extent can evaluation frameworks help NGOs to address health inequalities caused by social exclusion? Perspectives in Public Health, 135, 4, 191-196

McCulloch, A (2014) Cohort variations in the membership of voluntary associations in Great Britain, 1991 – 2007, Sociology, 48, 167 – 185.

Edwards, R, Smith, G, Büchs, M (2013) Environmental Management Systems and the Third Sector: Exploring Weak Adoption in the UK, Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, 31, 119-133

Mohan, J (2012) Geographical Foundations of the Big Society, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 44, 5, 1121-1127

McCulloch, A, Mohan, J., Smith, P (2012) Patterns of Social Capital, Voluntary Activity, and Area Deprivation in England, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 44, 5, 1130-1147

Clifford, D, Geyne-Rahme, F, Mohan, J (2012) Variations between Organisations and Localities in Government Funding of Third-sector Activity: Evidence from the National Survey of Third-sector Organisations in England, Urban Studies, 50, 5, 959-976

Clifford, D (2012) Voluntary Sector Organisations Working at the Neighbourhood Level in England: Patterns by Local Area Deprivation, Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space, 44, 5, 1148-1164

Vickers, I, Lyon, F (2012) Beyond green niches? Growth strategies of environmentally-motivated social enterprises, International Small Business Journal, 32, 4, 449-470

Teasdale, S (2011) What’s in a Name? Making Sense of Social Enterprise Discourses, Public Policy and Administration, 27, 2, 99-119