Leadership, Enterprise & Diversity Lab

The Leadership Enterprise & Diversity Lab facilitates policy exchange to develop evidence-led research solutions to regional, national & global challenges.

Working together to make a difference.


The Leadership Engagement and Diversity lab pilots, enables, and builds the evidence base to empower and support transformative changes across business, community and policy sectors. 


Through our extensive networks, we are able to influence diversity and enterprise policy and practice on multiple levels within corporate, public sector organisations and businesses resulting in sustainable impact.


Over 100 organisations have already improved their diversity practices and have the opportunity to share their experiences and practical guidance.

Unfiltered Lives

We are telling the stories of real people whose lives have positively changed as a result of our research. Through photography and compelling stories, Unfiltered Lives goes beneath the surface to the heart of why our researchers do what they do.

Research by Kiran Trehan is helping to support black and ethnic minority businesses by demonstrating the value of peer-to-peer mentoring as an effective way of growing a business. 

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The people of the Unfiltered Lives project