Compassionate employers, and the real living wage

Tuesday 22 September 2020 (15:00-16:00)

This webinar discussed compassionate employers/workplaces, and then considered the real living wage/global living wage as a specific policy benchmark set by good employers, responsible businesses.

There have been wide variations in UK employers’ responses to COVID-19 – notably between responsible compassionate employers (who consult workers, pay a real living wage, offer job security and decent working conditions) , and exploitative ones (who breach health and safety, silence worker concerns, provide poverty pay, and perpetuate a hire and fire culture). This variation in employer (mis)behaviour was apparent before Covid-19. Speakers included:

• Charlotte Villiers (Bristol University) – compassionate workplaces
• Deborah Hann, Ed Heery, Dave Nash (Cardiff University) – UK employers and the real living wage.
• Dilan Gurgur (Living Wage Foundation) – a Global Living Wage.

Watch the Zoom recording.

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