Zheng Zheng

BSc Biological Sciences zheng-zheng-396x300

Graduated in 2019 from the 2+2 China Partnership Programme

“The 2+2 Programme in the University of Birmingham allowed me to improve my academic performance as well as my English”

What are the main differences between studying at the University of Birmingham and your university in China?

Students here at the University of Birmingham are given greater responsibility for their studies so they have to be self-motivated to study more independently. Students are also exposed to a greater volume of material which requires extra effort and self-drive to be prepared for exams.

What is your top tip for other students thinking of coming to study at Birmingham?

Build up your professional vocabulary before starting the course so there is a less of a language hurdle to jump once lectures begin.

What are your aspirations for the future and how has studying abroad benefited you?

As a result of the 2+2 program I've been exposed to a wide range of views which has influenced my personal ideology and allowed me to view the world from another perspective. I have also improved my time management skills which has helped to cope with the stress of final year.

After graduating I will be studying for a Masters in Biotechnology at the University of Queensland, Australia.