Phoebe Glass

glass-phoebeBSc Human Biology

“The beauty of a biology degree is there are so many paths to follow as it’s such a broad subject. I am unsure what I want to specialise in yet, but everything I am learning is relevant to me and there are so many different ways of learning on the course.”

Why I chose Birmingham

Biology as a course covers such a wide range of multidisciplinary topics and I wanted to keep my field broad as I am unsure what I want to specialise in yet, however I know that plant biology isn’t for me and I am very interested in finding out what is going on inside our own cells, everything I learn is relevant to me!

What is unique about my course

There is a lot of choice compared to other universities, so many modules you select yourself so you can really tailor your degree to you. For me particularly the nutrition and genetics modules sounded interesting, as well as despite doing Human Biology I can still do modules such as animal behaviour which I find fun. The course here is also unique as there are so many different ways of learning involved, not just lectures; there are workshops, labs, online quizzes, sessions in computer clusters as well as interactive quizzes in lectures. I am always doing something different so it keeps me engaged.

Living in Birmingham

I love the city and how easy it is to get from university station on campus to the city centre. The student accommodation is great, arranging it in villages makes me feel very safe and its so easy to make friends. I like the city more than I had expected, theres so much to do! The bullring has every shop you could possibly need and also there’s the custard factory, a vintage shopping area, the mailbox which has some lovely restaurants and broad street never fails to deliver a good night out.

Clubs, societies or events I've been involved in

The university offers all sorts of societies and its easy to take part. I am a member of biosoc, pole fitness, tea society, bake society, and trampolining society, and I hope to try more new things next year. Pole fitness is my favourite society I take part in as it is a totally different activity to anything I’ve done before and everyone is very welcoming, it didn’t matter at all that I was a complete beginner. It’s an amazing way of making friends and working out at the same time, as well as offering a break from your studies. The societies are all fairly cheap and low commitment, you can go as and when you want to. I am also attending the Biosoc easter ball soon which I am very excited for! Biosoc is great for meeting your course mates and the nights out are always a laugh.

My aspirations for the future

I’m unsure what I want to specialise in in the future, but I think that is the beauty of the a biology degree, there are so many paths to follow as it’s such a broad subject. My favourite fields at the moment are cancer research biology and genetics, so I might explore that more in the future.

My top tips for prospective Birmingham students

Take part is as many things as possible, don’t hold back!