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Find out what it's like to be an undergraduate student in the School of Biosciences

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walters-morgan-hannah-235x121Hannah, BSc Medical Biochemistry

"Getting work experience not only boosts your CV, but can also help you decide what you are interested in.”

rabone-joshua-235x121Joshua, BSc Biochemistry

"having meaningful research being carried out by the individuals who teach us really adds deeper meaning and value to their lectures." 

moss-rhiannon-235x121Rhiannon, BSc Human Biology

"The practical sessions and high number of contact hours also attracted me to study here.”

miller-aj-235x121Andrew-Jordan, BSc Biological Sciences

"The course is also accredited, which reassured me that there was a high standard of teaching, and it’s a nice addition to my CV."

wood-katherine-235x121Katherine, MSci Biochemistry

"I get to conduct my own research in an area that inspires me, and acquire skills that couldn’t be developed on a three year course.”

katwa-parisha-235x121Parisha, BSc Biological Sciences

"You are doing real research alongside PhD students and postdoctoral researchers, so you gain invaluable skills." 

bampton-alexander-235x121Alex, Human Biology

"I was blown away when we toured the Biosciences building on the open day.”

glass-phoebe-235x121 Phoebe, BSc Human Biology

"The beauty of a biology degree is there are so many paths to follow as it’s such a broad subject."

Nathan, MSci Biological Sciences

"It’s little things which make Birmingham so special to me, I am so at home here!”

Molly said Yes to BirminghamMolly, BSc Biological Sciences (Zoology)

"I went to a sample lecture and the lecturer who gave it was just so engaging, he was so passionate about the subject, it really made me want to learn it." 
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Eleanor, BSc Biological Sciences

"Birmingham has been great at giving me the opportunity to discover as many options as possible.”

dipple-marie-235x121Marie, MSci Biological Sciences

"Being able to step outside the lecture theatre and see your handouts turn into things you could pluck out of a rock pool was so exciting. "

Charlotte, BSc Biochemistry student Charlotte, BSc Biochemistry

"After coming to visit Birmingham and seeing the campus, there was something that just felt so right about it. I felt it was a decision I had to make."
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Eloise, BSc Human Biology student Eloise, BSc Human Biology

"This course was quite unique in that it came at biology from a purely human angle which is what drew me to it." 
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Becky, BSc Biological Sciences

"The best thing about the course is the wide range of choices available, the modules are so diverse and you can even specialise once you get here."