Autumn Lecture Series videos

Back again by popular demand, this lecture series (run by the School of Biosciences) will cover a wide range of topics that compliment your students’ current studies.

The lectures are open to all, but are particularly suitable for students studying A level Biology. All lectures will be delivered by Academic  staff who are experts in their field and are engaged in both research and teaching. The lectures are free of charge, but booking is required.  

Monday 19 October

Sat Nav’s, Wii’s and Sleeping Cats: Modern Technology and Animal Behaviour

Dr Julia MyattJulia Myatt

Understanding wild animal behaviour in more detail is key for developing more effective conservation practices, crucial to the survival of many endangered species. In this talk find out how advances in technology are helping researchers extract these details and even answer questions you may have thought we already knew the answer to including ‘Are cheetahs really the fastest land mammal?’ and ‘Do lions really sleep all day?’

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Monday 9 November

A sperm’s life – short & stressful

Steve Publicover

Natural human fertilisation is a heroic achievement by the sperm. It must travel thousands of times its own length through a hostile environment to find a single egg cell, then force its way through a tough eggshell - how does it do it?

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Monday 14 December

Neurobiology From Brains to Brain Maps

Steve JacquesSteve Jacques

Despite the formidable complexity of the brain we know a tremendous amount about its structure and function. This lecture will give you a flavour of some of the experimental methods that have given is crucial insights into this amazing organ.

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Monday 25 January

Drug discovery: Harvesting the goldmines in our pharmacies

Farhat KhanimFarhat Khanim

Many of the drugs in our pharmacies have the potential to be used for treating/curing other diseases. This talk will describe how we are identifying these drugs and getting them into the clinics in the UK and in Africa.

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Monday 22 February

Climate change: How will rising CO2 levels affect trees in the Midlands?

Jeremy  Pritchard 

Rising CO2 levels are driving climate change. Despite many year of experimentation we still know very little about how complex ecological systems will respond. An exciting new FACE experiment by the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BiFoR) is discovering the answers. 

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Monday 14 March

Studying the masses: how metabolism influences health and ageing

Dr Warwick DunnRick Dunn

Dr Warwick (Rick) Dunn’s research group focuses on developing innovative chromatography, mass spectrometry, sample collection and computational resources and their application in the study of the complex role of metabolites in human ageing and diseases. Areas of biomedical study include endocrinology, inflammation and immunology including musculoskeletal health, cardio-renal

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Some of our previous evening lectures are available below:

Prof. Laura Piddock, ‘Antibiotic Resistance: What does it mean to you and why should you care?’

21 October 2013


Dr Julia Myatt, ‘Satnavs, Wiis and sleeping dogs: Modern technology and Animal Behaviour’

18 November 2013

This lecture is available here

This series of evening lectures is open to all, but particularly relevant for A Level Biology students. Topics cover cutting edge developments in Biology from leading researchers in their field.