Talks for schools 

Our lecturers can visit schools to give talks on scientific topics, to both support and widen your teaching of the curriculum. There is normally no cost.

Prof. Chris Thomas

The use and abuse of antibiotics

Dr. Jeremy Pritchard

  1. Sweetness and light: Plants and Pressure
  2. Molecular and Physiological Control of herbivore pests
  3. Darwin, Evolution and the West Midlands

Dr Julia Myatt

  1. Not all scientists wear lab coats: studying primates in the field
  2. Hunting in large African carnivores: lone sprinter or team player?

Dr Eugenio Sanchez-Moran

Unsolved mysteries of the chromatin and chromosomes

Dr Jim Reynolds

'Terning' our attention to the high seas: seabird research, Citizen Science and marine conservation policy  

Dr. Robin May

How infectious organisms manipulate their hosts

Prof. Steve Busby

Genetic Engineering

Dr. Steve Publicover

A sperm's life - short but exciting?

Dr. Steve Minchin

The Human Genome Project

We will also visit schools to talk generally about University Admissions and careers. In addition, we organise seminars, tours and practicals at Birmingham for both pupils and teachers. We are participants in the BBSRC school liaison scheme.

To enquire about these, or any of the talks listed above, please email