Dr Archana Sharma-Oates PhD

Dr Archana Sharma-Oates

School of Biosciences
Lecturer/Assistant Professor

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Dr Sharma-Oates’s research interest include the influence of ethnicity on disease onset and disease severity with a focus on autoimmune inflammatory diseases.


  • BSc, Biochemistry, University of Liverpool, UK
  • MRes (Distinction), Bioinformatics, University of Leeds, UK
  • PhD “Interpretation of C. elegans Genome Sequence Data through Gene Expression Patterns”, University of Leeds, UK


Following her undergraduate degree, she spent a year working as a research assistant at the Lombardi Cancer Centre, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA. She returned to the UK to start a Masters in Bioinformatics at the University of Leeds and then went on to pursue a PhD. Following on from PhD, she spent a number of years working as post-doctoral research fellow in a wider range of research areas encompassing cancer, animal development and disease, and more recently, COVID-19. She started in my current position as Lecturer in Bioinformatics at University of Birmingham in 2021.


Module Lead for Computational Biology for Complex Systems (Dubai), on the MSc Bioinformatics program at the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB).

Module Lead MSc. Bioinformatics Computational Biology for Complex Systems (DL), MSc Bioinformatics at the Centre for Computational Biology (CCB).

Tutor for Introduction to Biology and Programming (DL BIO – 37399), Introduction to Probabilities (DL BIO – 37418).

She teaches on various modules on MSc Bioinformatics, MSc Health Data Science and MSc Genomic Medicine as well as on Undergraduate module “Omics for Biomedical Research”.

Postgraduate supervision

Students interested in the possibility of a PhD position are encouraged to contact Dr Sharma-Oates directly via email.


She has extensive experience in transcriptomics, whole genome sequence analysis applied to cancer research, as well as the analysis of the methylome applied to musculoskeletal and ageing research.   However, her particular research interest is in determining the underlying biological mechanisms behind the onset of disease between different ethnicities, specifically to determine the contribution of the environment versus genetics. 

Other activities

She is a member of the Biosciences Equality Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee and the British Society for Research on Ageing


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