Professor Tim Dafforn PhD

Dr Tim Dafforn

School of Biosciences
Professor of Biotechnology
Knowledge Exchange lead for Biosciences

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418, School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

Professor Tim Dafforn has established himself as an expert in biophysical spectroscopy with a keen interest in synthetic biology. Professor Dafforn has developed a number of projects from inception through to commercial realization.


BSc (Hons) Biochemistry(Cardiff University)

PhD ProteinEngineering (Bristol University) 



Professor Dafforn's fundamental research interests focus on the application of nano-technology approaches to enhance the exploitation of biomolecules for public good. His research has led to the development of new methods (SMALPs) to extract and purify membrane proteins and the development of novel diagnostics systems. One of the most high profile of these systems has been the development of RTF-EXPAR, the worlds fastest method for detecting pathogen RNA (including SARS-CoV-2).  


Professor Dafforn is also keenly interested in methods to maximise the impact of research. He has worked at the highest levels of UK government as Chief Scientific Advisor to the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy developing policy on science exploitation and entrepreneurship education. He has also founded two businesses to exploit research produced within his laboratory.


Professor Dafforn enjoys teaching, and is keen on the adoption of modern teaching practices. His current teaching activities focus on delivering applied courses that enhance the ability of students to translate their science. 


What are SMALPs, and how do they work?

Over the past 2 billion years life has been evolving to produce the wonderful biological diversity we see today. At the molecular level evolution has produced nano-molecular machines of wonderful complexity. Tim’s research is focused upon studying these wonders, understanding how they assemble and harnessing their function for good. Currently his studies have three streams of research:

  1. Studying and understanding the complex molecular machinery that underlies bacterial cell division.
  2. Developing novel nanoencapsulation methods that allow large scale production of membrane proteins.
  3. Building nano-assemblies that can be used in detection systems

The last two of these projects have provided seven patents that are currently the focus of two commercialisation projects. 

Other activities

While Science and Science Policy are Tim's work passions he believes that it is important to let your mind explore other areas in your leisure. He spends leisure time supporting Leicester Tigers Rugby team and obsessively watching F1. He also competes in long distant car rallies with a variety of 50 year old vehicles.


Recent publications


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Professor Dafforn has extensive experience in national and international policy making in both science and Entrepreneurship policy. He has served as: 

a) Chief Scientific and Chief Entrepreneurial Advisor to the Department of Business Energy and Industrial Strategy.

And is currently:

a) Chair of the Institute of Engineering Technology's Innovation and Skills Panel

b) Member of the Ministerial led UK Engineering Biology Leadership Council

c) Member of the Defence Science Expert Committee at the Ministry of Defence