Rana Almuhur

School of Biosciences

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School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

PhD Title: The role of histones in chromatin structure and global chromosome dynamics

Supervisors: Dr Eugenio Sanchez-Moran and Professor Chris Franklin

My PhD Project research is about the different role of histone proteins within chromatin context.


PhD researcher, University of Birmingham, UK
Masters of Applied Biological Sciences. Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan
Bachelor of Applied Biological Science. Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), Jordan


I have studied BSc in molecular biology and genetics as part of Applied Biological Sciences at Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), after that I developed interest for MSc in Applied Biology with a collaboration with department of medicinal plants in Pharmacy (JUST). My MSc Dissertation: Effect of Ruta graveolens (faijin) extracts on reproduction, fertility and sexual maturation of adult female rats.


Cancer Research, Stem Cells Research

Other activities

29/6/2011. Co-organizer of postgraduate student-led Chromatin Research Symposium, University of Birmingham, UK.
2010 - Present. Representative of the Society of Experimental Biology at University of Birmingham, UK.
2010- Present, Society of Experimental Biology membership.
2010- Present, IDB-UK Scholars Society.
2003-present, Teacher`s Club, Jordan.



Al-Mahmoud, M., Elbetieha, A and Al-Muhur, R. (2003). Anticoceptive and antifertility activities of various Ruta graveolens extracts in female rats. ACTA Pharmaceutica Turcica 45, 203-213.

Presentations, Abstracts, and Posters in Conferences

14-19/9/2013. EMBO Conference. Meiosis. Dresden, Germany. (Abstract)
17/6/2013. 2rd Annual Meeting of the IDB UK Scholars Associaton, Birmingham, UK.
10/6/2013. Cell Division symposium, Birmingham. (Poster)
15-16/4/2013. Biosciences Graduate Research Symposium, Birmingham, UK. (Talk)
27-28/3/2013. 5th British Meiosis Meeting, Cambridge, Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, UK. (Poster)
18-19/4/2012. UK Plant Sci Conference, Norwich, UK. (Poster)
16-17/4/2012. Biosciences Graduate Research School Symposium, Birmingham. Poster)
2012, 1st Annual Meeting of the IDB UK Scholars Associaton, Nottingham, UK.
28/3/2012, 4th Annual British Meiosis Meeting, University of Birmingham,UK. (Talk)
28/3/2012, 4th British Meiosis Meeting, University of Birmingham,UK . (Poster)
19/6/2012, Graduate School Research Poster Conference, Birmingham, UK. (Poster)
15/6/2011, Graduate School Research Poster conference, Birmingham, UK. (Poster)
10-11/4/2011, Attending the IDB-Oxford University Agreement Signature, Oxford, UK.
23/5/2000, First Conference and Third Scientific day of Science and Arts, Jordan University of Science and Technology. Irbid, Jordan. (Poster)