Jade Phillips

Jade Phillips

School of Biosciences

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School of Biosciences
University of Birmingham
B15 2TT

PhD Title: Establishing in situ conservation of crop wild relatives (CWR) in Norway

Supervisors: Dr Nigel Maxted

In partnership with the Norwegian government we hope to create an in situ CWR conservation strategy to help met targets set out by, amongst others, the Convention on Biological Diversity. Crop wild relatives are those wild species that are closely related to our food crops. Using GIS mapping and genetic studies we aim to locate important populations that have unique and/or useful genetics that may be used in future plant breeding.


BSc Plant Biology, MRes Conservation and Utilization of Plant Genetic Resources


Jade studied for a BSc in Plant Biology at Aberystwyth University of which she was only one of two students who enrolled in this degree programme. This only increased her passion for the conservation of flora and the need for increased public awareness of plants and the essential role they play in our lives. This resulted in the completion of an MRes at the University of Birmingham. Jade’s MRes thesis was based upon the implementation of an in situ and ex situ CWR conservation strategy for Cyprus. After completing this she worked on a project in Norway focusing on in situ conservation of CWR which (after a brief interlude working at the Margot Forde Seed Bank in New Zealand) developed into her current PhD work.


Genetic conservation of crop wild relatives in situ and ex situ, the use of genetic studies and sequencing to identify genetically diverse plant populations, utilization of R  in species distribution modeling and GIS.

Other activities

In her spare time she enjoys rock climbing, running and growing vegetables.


http://www.pgrsecure.bham.ac.uk/sites/default/files/documents/newsletters/CWR_Issue_9.pdf : Reports on the in situ and ex situ conservation of CWR in Cyprus and the preliminary CWR project in Norway.