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"I made a whole network of contacts that I’ll keep for life because the university attracts such a diverse range of people from all over the world."


Daniel Taylor graduated with a BSc Business Management from the University of Birmingham in 2010.  Since graduating Daniel has successfully launched his own company ‘The Giving Card’ back in November 2011 and is currently positioned as Managing Director for the business, which operates from offices in London and Blackpool, United Kingdom. ‘The Giving Card’ is a sales discount card that consumers can purchase to receive discounts and save thousands of pounds on their shopping whilst a percentage of the card subscription cost is donated to a charity of their choice.

My Career

Since leaving the Business School, I joined Barclays for an internship and was offered a position on their graduate programme.  The experience working within a corporate environment meant that I could learn how certain business functions operate in a more formal setting and then transfer them to my own company.

I’ve had to quickly learn how to be a manager as well as how to effectively run a business. Every day brings a new challenge, which is one of the best parts of running your own company.

Why Birmingham Business School?

I remember coming to the open day and it was a really nice, sunny day. All of the current students were out on the quadrant having their lunch and relaxing in the sunshine and there was something that made me think ‘I want to come to university here’. Being part of the Russell Group was also a good indicator of the level of education that I was going to get; I wanted to come away with a degree from a good university with an established reputation.

The Business School has an excellent reputation and I was attracted by the fact that many of the lecturers were able to present up to date information and case studies as they were still actively involved in research projects or companies within their area of expertise outside of teaching.

"Discovering the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the university was arguably one of the greatest catalysts in moving my business forward."


In my first year I undertook a Maths and Finance module which I remember dreading and not understanding so well, but the lecturers at the Business School were willing to offer their support and spend additional time outside of lectures with me.

I was very aware that with the 30,000 students in the University of Birmingham alone, I had to do something different in order to stand out. Whilst my flatmates were getting excited about joining the more popular societies, I was out joining every business related group that both the university and the local area of Birmingham had to offer.

Discovering the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Centre at the university was arguably one of the greatest catalysts in moving my business forward. They were inspirational with their advice and assured me that with a creative mind and a determination to succeed in business, I would be able to develop my own business ideas.

Tips and advice

The Business School often put on talks and events outside of university hours - make sure you go to these. There are excellent opportunities to network with people from some of the top graduate schemes, or to help you in your future careers. I’m still in touch with some of these people and they’ve been invaluable in moving my business forward.

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