Application to Contact an Alumni Advisor

The MBA Bridges programme holds the contact details of alumni volunteers who can provide advice, information, or support to current students or other alumni. These volunteers are called Alumni Advisors.

By completing this form, you request the contact details of an Alumni Advisor. If the MBA Alumni Office identifies an Advisor who meets your needs, the office will introduce you, typically by email. The onus is then on you to pursue the conversation.

If the MBA Alumni Office cannot identify a suitable Advisor, you will be informed and asked if you would like your application to remain on record.

This is not a formal mentorship programme that promises the support of an Advisor for a specified period. Alumni Advisors vary in their time commitment. Your assistance may range from a single email about vacancies at a particular company to sustained networking support in a new country.

Please be clear about your expectations so that you can be matched appropriately.

If you have completed your studies, you may volunteer as an Alumni Advisor and seek assistance from other Alumni Advisors at the same time. For more information about contacting an Alumni Advisor, please complete the form below.

If you have any questions or prefer to apply by phone, please contact Ella Stewart, MBA Alumni Relations Officer, at or 0121 414 6694

  • Name
  • Address
  • Preferred Roles
    I would like to contact an Alumni Advisor:
  • Contact Preferences and Time Commitment
  • Are you willing to have your contact details shared with an Alumni Advisor?
  • My preferred contact method is:
  • If am matched with an Alumni Advisor, I commit to contacting him or her within:
  • How much time to you expect to spend interacting with your Alumni Advisor?
  • Personal Background
    While this information is helpful in the matching process, answering these questions is optional. Please write as much or as little as you like.
  • Programme Commitments
  • I commit to keeping confidential the contact details and personal information of people who I am introduced to through the MBA Bridges programme
  • I accept that although MBA Bridges programme participants commit to keeping my details confidential, the MBA Alumni Office cannot guarantee this
  • I accept that the MBA Bridges programme operates only as a referral network and the MBA Alumni Relations Office cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided by programme participants
  • I will advise the MBA Alumni Relations Office of changes to the information I provided
  • If I am dissatisfied with the Alumni Advisor I am matched with or have any concerns about the MBA Bridges programme, I will advise the MBA Alumni Relations Office
  • I understand that I can stop participating in the MBA Bridges programme at any time by informing the MBA Alumni Relations Office of my intention to withdraw
  • I agree the information on this form can be shared with Alumni Advisors
  • I agree that the MBA Alumni Relations Office may continue to share my contact details with Alumni Advisors until I inform that Office that I wish to withdraw from the MBA Bridges programme