Bowen Liu

Doctoral researcherBowen Liu
Department of Economics

Contact details:


  • Undergraduate: Economics (including exchange year at University of Manitoba, Canada) - Lanzhou University, China
  • MSc Finance and Economics (Distinction), University of Southampton, UK

Research interests

  • Chinese environmental economics;
  • Development economics;
  • Financial economics

PhD details

PhD title: Essays on Environmental Economics in China

Prof. Matthew Cole
Professor Robert Elliott

PhD description:
I am interested in topics related to environmental and developmental economics in China. For example, whether the change of China's pollution dynamics is associated with the rising green demand from central government and rising middle class. More specifically, whether changes in the performance criteria used for evaluating Chinese government officials would provide or cause increase of local officials incentives to tackle pollution issues and how it could influence the environmental progress in China. Furthermore, is it possible to improve these policies and regulations that could provide better incentives for better environmental performance?

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