Giulia Giunti

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Giulia GiuntiDepartment of Management

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Giulia is a third year PhD student in management at Birmingham Business School. Prior to this, she was an MSc student at the same Institution. Her current research focuses on academic entrepreneurship and academics’ careers.

Giulia has experience in teaching, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in different areas (STATA, leadership development, international human resource management…). She has also worked as research assistant in a project on disability and entrepreneurship, and for a project on housing and wellbeing, where she helped developing and setting up an on-line survey using Qualtrics.

She has been a visiting PhD student at the University of Melbourne, where she was hosted for 4 months for data collection purposes. She has secured one of the three Birmingham Business School scholarship for the MSc, and an ESRC and BBS scholarships for the PhD.

Giulia is also a post-graduate university ambassador since 2013, a Birmingham Business School student representative since 2014, and a post-graduate mentor, since 2017. 

Research interests

  • Careers
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Wellbeing
  • Research methods

PhD details

Title of PhD: 
Academic entrepreneurship and academics’ careers: a multi-dimensional analysis in UK, Australia, and Italy.

Prof. Jo Duberley, Dr. Etlyn Kenny, Dr. Matthew Bennett

PhD description:
The purpose of this study is to investigate the processes and mechanisms underpinning academic entrepreneurship, namely the collaborations between academia and external organisations for technology and knowledge transfer purposes, and how it inter-relates with academics’ careers. Adopting a sequential mixed-methods approach, this project tries to address the research objectives by analysing the phenomena through a multi-dimensional lens, looking at individual and external factors. In doing so, the study aims not only to fill a gap in the literature, but also to contribute from a practical perspective. The rise of the entrepreneurial university has opened the doors to opportunities as well as challenges for universities, and academics. Insights on how this “third mission” is experienced and managed by academics themselves may shed light on these complex activities that are nowadays promoted in various countries.

Conference papers/publications

Academic entrepreneurship and academics’ careers: a multi-dimensional analysis in UK, Australia and Italy.

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