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In the Department of Economics within Birmingham Business School, we emphasise Responsible Economics. Every decision we make, as individuals and right up to the level of global business and government, is based on scarcity and choice. The world has limited resources – and they’re becoming more limited every day. As ‘responsible economists’ we must ensure those resources are used strategically and fairly to make people and society as a whole better off.

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Why the Interest in Gilts?

Smartphone showing graph

'GIlts' are the main way that Governments borrow - but what are they and why are they important?

Economics Society achievements autumn term 2021-22


Post-pandemic, EconSoc committee recognise they have a huge challenge ahead. But never fear, they had the tenacity to overcome that challenge! Thanks to their enthusiasm, they've had their biggest ever recruitment drive!

Covid mortality: at-risk groups and vaccine hesitancy

covid testing kit

The study shows that both deprivation and ethnicity matter in relation to COVID19, as well as the interaction between them in explaining Covid mortality differences in local authorities within England.

Establishing our support bubble


Moving online has not slowed EconSoc down! Their dedicated committee span all aspects of university life and all disciplines. They're working hard to support their members by creating support families and new activities.

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Latest publications

Mercadier, M & Strobel, F 2022, '(Simple) ΔCoVaR bounds', Applied Economics Letters.

Bandyopadhyay, S, Chattopadhyay, AK & Oak, M 2022, 'A model of conflict and leadership: Is there a hawkish drift in politics?', PLoS ONE, vol. 17, no. 1, e0261646.

Jamieson, C, Aggarwal, R, Barker, A, Cooper , D & Ercolani, M 2022, 'Antibiotic amnesty — positive action to tackle antimicrobial resistance through community pharmacies', The Pharmaceutical Journal, vol. 309, no. 7963.

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