Nobel Prize Winner Professor Al Roth Guest Lectures at the University of Birmingham

A near full capacity Great Hall welcomed Nobel Prize winner Professor Al Roth to the University of Birmingham on 4th February 2013. Prof Roth was here to deliver a guest lecture entitled “Who Gets What: The New Economics of Matchmaking and Market Design”.

Professor Roth was introduced to the stage by his previous doctoral student and now academic within the Department of Economics, Professor Brit Grosskopf, who said that Roth’s work "brings diverse people together and combines the different information they have [and that] his mechanisms have been introduced to schools, hospitals and cities [with] his most recent work, possibly the most provocative, [being] his life-saving theory applied to kidney transplants”.

The Department of Economics’ Professor Grosskopf has a personal relationship with the Nobel Prize winner since completing her post-doc with him at Harvard Business School. About his relationship with Grosskopf, Professor Roth said that “years ago when Professor Grosskopf was a post-doc of mine I told her that if she ever needed, she could call on me”.

"Seeing the Great Hall so full is a mark of how accessible and prestigious your work is. Thank you. We are truly honoured."

Professor Edward Peck, Head of the College of Social Sciences

Feedback from the event was very positive with attendees taking to Twitter to discuss the event, with one describing how “Prof Roth's lecture showed how flexible ideas can be applied to many areas of social science inc. health economics” and another attendee contacting us to say “thank you for holding such an magnificent public lecture with Professor Al Roth. After this lecture, I am truly inspired by his selection theory about New York high school, and I want to conduct further research about his topic. Thank you again to give me the honour to listen this fabulous lecture”.

In the below video, Professor Roth discusses his lecture and students in attendance give their feedback following the event.

For those unable to attend the event, you can download Professor Roth's presentation (PDF).