1997 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
97-01  Seigniorage in China Maxwell J Fry
97-02  Depoliticizing Public Sector Enterprises Shampa Chatterjee
97-03 Has the Phillips Curve been Reborn? P J N Sinclair, Nicholas Horsewood
97-04   Does Faster Inflation Raise or Cut the Rate of Growth?  P J N Sinclair  
97-05  Chaos and Foreign Exchange Intervention in the Dornbusch Model  Sergio Da Silva 
97-06  A General Equilibrium Model of Crime and Punishment John Fender  
97-07   A Model of Flexibility and Production Phase Specialization    Lisa De Propris, P J N Sinclair 
97-08  The Efficient Sharing of an Uncertain Natural Resource: A Contract Theory Approach Richard Barrett
97-09 Quality of Exports and Taste Bias: A New Approach Immaculada, Martinez-Zarzoso, P.J.N. Sinclair
97-10 Macro-Governance, Capital Inflows and the Real Exchange Rate  Maxwell J Fry
97-11 Macro-Governance, Foreign Direct Investment and Vietnam's Current Account Deficit Maxwell J Fry
97-12  Market Structure, Concentration and Performance: Jordanian Banking System, 1980-1993 I Al-Karasneh, P J Cadle, J L Ford
97-13 The Impact of FDI and Regional Economic Integration on the Economic Growth of the ASEAN-5 Economies,  1970-1994: A Comparative Analysis from a Small Structural Model A Bende-Nabende, J L Ford, J R Slater
97-14  An Investigation of Performance and Cost-Effectiveness in GCE A Level Provision in the FEFC Funded Sector A Fielding, C R Belfield, H R Thomas
97-15 The Consequences of Drop-outs on the Cost-Effectiveness of 16-19 Colleges A Fielding, C R Belfield, H R Thomas
97-16 Uncertainty in Partnerships David Kelsey, Willy Spanjers
97-17 Output, the Price Level, Broad Money, and Divisia Monetary Aggregates with and without Innovation: Taiwan 1967(1) - 1995(4) J L Ford
97-18 The Impact of FDI on the Economic Growth of the ASEAN-5 Economies 1970-94: A Comparative Dynamic Multiplier Analysis from a Small Model with Emphasis on Liberalisation A Bende-Nabende, J L Ford, J R Slater
97-19 FDI Policy Adjustment and Endogenous Growth: Multiplier Effects from a Small Dynamic Model for Taiwan, 1959-1995 A Bende-Nabende, J L Ford
97-20 Eastern Europe's Trade Potential: A Gravity Model Approach Anca Monika Nagy
97-21 The Targets and Instruments of Monetary Control: Long-run Trade-offs, Multiplier Effects, and Central Bank Preferences, Taiwan 1955-1995 J L Ford
97-22 A Virtually Perfect Demand System? Ralph Bailey, Paul Brenton
97-23 The Welfare Effects of Removing the West German Hard Coal Subsidy Rosemary Clarke, Huw Edwards
97-24 China's Energy Sector and its Environmental Impact Rosemary Clarke, Ralph Bailey
97-25 Economic Development, Financial Development and Liberalisation: Taiwan, 1960-1995 J L Ford
97-26 Imperfect Competition, Labour Market Distortions and the Double Dividend Hypothesis Thomas Renström, Laura Marsiliani
97-27 Tax Evasion as a Disciplinary Mechanism for Fiscal Policy Thomas Renström

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