1998 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
98-01  An Integral Inequality on C([0,1]) with Application to the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Process Ralph Bailey, Peter Burridge, Shasikanta Nandeibam
98-02  Macro-Governance, Macroeconomic Policy and Economic Performance: Why Asia Pacific Performs Better Maxwell J Fry
98-03 International Tax Arbitrage, Currency Options and Put-call Parity Conditions Frank Strobel
98-04   International Tax Arbitrage and Financial Parity Conditions with Preferential Capital Gains Taxation  Frank Strobel  
98-05  International Tax Arbitrage, Tax Evasion and Interest Parity Conditions  Frank Strobel 
98-06  The Structure of Probabilistic Social Choice Correspondences Shasikanta Nandeibam  
98-07   The Structure of Strongly Monotonic Probabilistic Voting Procedures    Shasikanta Nandeibam 
98-08  Efficiency in Teams with Sub-Teams Shasikanta Nandeibam
98-09 Bargaining in Partnerships Shasikanta Nandeibam
98-10 Lottery Designs to Discriminate between Shackle's Theory, Expected Utility Theory and Non-expected Utility Theories  J L Ford, Sudip Ghose
98-11 Yield Spreads and Short-term Interest Rate Movements in the Tokyo Money Market and the Actions of the Bank of Japan: November 1993 to March 1996 P J Cadle, J L Ford, Yukie Kataoka
98-12  Financial Development, Liberalisation and Economic Development in Indonesia, 1966-1996: Cointegration and Causality J Agung, J L Ford
98-13 Entrepreneurship, Credit Constraints and Education: A Model of Interdependent Loan Decisions John Fender
98-14  The Interpretation of Weak Sustainability Measures, and their Values in a Computed General Equilibrium Model of the World Economy Ralph W Bailey, Rosemary Clarke
98-15 Value-Added Analysis for Cross- Classified Multilevel Data Antony Fielding, Neil H Spencer
98-16 Overshooting and Foreign Exchange Intervention Sergio da Silva
98-17 The Macroeconomic Effects of Local Government Expenditure John Fender, P A Watt
98-18 What is Wrong with the Flat Tax? P J N Sinclair, Thomas Renström
98-19 How Money can Help Labour and Hurt Capital P J N Sinclair
98-20 Why do the Poor Save so Little? P J N Sinclair
98-21 Asia's "Open-Regionalism" Alternative to Preferential Trade Agreements: Promising, Attractive, or Vulnerable to Cronyism? P J N Sinclair, David Vines
98-22 Utility and Population Growth P J N Sinclair
98-23 Why Use Arbitrary Points Scores: Ordered Categories in Models of Educational Progress A Fielding
98-24 Teaching Groups as Foci for Evaluating GCE Advanced Level Cost-Effectiveness: Some Practical Methodological Innovations A Fielding
98-25 Incorporating Risky Assets in Divisia Monetary Aggregates Leigh Drake, Andy Mullineux, Juda Agung
98-26 Transfers, Trade, Food and Growth: Britain and the European Union over Forty Years P J N Sinclair, I Martinez Zarzoso
98-27 A Model to Explain the Timing of an Exchange Rate Collapse Louise Allsopp
98-28 Two Experiments to Test a Model of Herd Behaviour Louise Allsopp, John D Hey
98-29 Market Efficiency in Transition: Equity Markets and EU Accession Nicholas Horsewood, Douglas Sutherland

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