1999 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
99-01  Portfolio Behaviour of Islamic Banks: A Case Study for Iran, 1984-1994. K A Kagigi, J L Ford,  P J Cadle,  S N Makiyan
99-02  Bank Behaviour and the Channel of Monetary Policy to Japan. J Agung,  J L Ford
99-03 Money Multipliers for Simple Sum and Divisia Monetary Aggregates for Japan: Cointegration and ECM Modelling 1968(3) - 1996(2). J Agung,  J L Ford
99-04   Economic Development, Financial Development and Deregulation: Japan, 1960 to 1996.  J Agung,  J L Ford  
99-05  Water Charges and the Cost of Metering  R Barrett,  P Sinclair 
99-06  Monetary Integration, Stochastic Inflation Preferences and the Value of Waiting F Strobel  
99-07   Air Pollution and 'Dirty' Industries: How and Why does the Composition of Manufacturing Output Change with Economic Development?    M A Cole 
99-08  Exchange Rate Dynamics Redux and Chaos S Da Silva
99-09 Chaos in a Standard Equilibrium Exchange-Rate Model S Da Silva, R Bailey
99-10 On Regression-Based Tests for Seasonal Unit Roots in the Presence of Periodic Heteroscedasticity  P Burridge, A M Robert Taylor
99-11 Regression-Based Seasonal Unit Root Tests with Recursive Mean Adjustment A M Robert Taylor
99-12  Locally Optimal Tests Against Seasonal Unit Roots A M Robert Taylor
99-13 Tests of the Seasonal Unit Root Hypothesis Against Heteroscedastic Seasonal Integration A M Robert Taylor, R J Smith
99-14  The Finite Sample Effects of Deterministic Variables on Conventional Methods of Lag-Selection in Unit Root Tests A M Robert Taylor
99-15 Regression-Based Seasonal Unit Root Tests R J Smith, A M Robert Taylor
99-16 The Anatomy of the East Asian Crisis. An Alternative Model of Currency Crises J Brandão de Brito
99-17 Income Tax Protection, Trade and Unemployment P J N Sinclair
99-18 Exports, Prices, Technology and Hysteresis: A Disaggregated Analysis R Anderton,  P Brenton,  N Horsewood,  P J N Sinclair
99-19 Preference Asymmetries, Hysteresis and Quality Effects in Swedish Imports R Anderton,  P Brenton,  N Horsewood,  P J N Sinclair
99-20 Random Effect Models for Ordered Category Responses and Complex Structures in Educational Progress A Fielding, Min Yang
99-21 Optimal dynamic Taxation T Renström
99-22 Time Inconsistency in Environmental Policy: Tax Earmarking as a Commitment Solution L Marsiliani, T Renström
99-23 When to leave a monetary union: now or later? F Strobel
99-24 Marriage and the value of waiting F Strobel
99-25 Free Riders do not like Uncertainty D Kelsey
99-26 Uncertainty and Strategic Interaction in Economics D Kelsey

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