2000 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
00-01  A New Approach to Rights in Social Choice Theory Which Incorporates Utilitarianism CR Barrett, A Petron-Brunel, M Salles
00-02  Scores and Categories for Ordinal Responses in Multilevel and Weighted Random Effects Models: Applications in Educational Progress Research A Fielding
00-03 Productivity analysis in Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region: A multi-country translog comparative analysis, 1965-97 A Bende-Nabende, JL Ford, S Sen
00-04   The Location of the United States' FDI Under the Share Gravity Model  F de Mello Sampayo  
00-05  Leaving a Monetary Union: Expected Time and Probability  F Strobel 
00-06  No longer available - revised The Environment, Trade and Industrial Restructuring: Revisiting the evidence MA Cole, RJR Elliot, AK Azhar  
00-07   Building Blocks in the Economics of Mandates    JT Addison, CR Barrett, Ws Siebert 
00-08  Development and the Environment: Are the Criticisms of the Environmental Kuznets Curve Justified? MA Cole
00-09 An Optimal Test against a Random Walk Component in a Non-Orthogonal Unobserved Components Model R W Bailey, A M R Taylor
00-10 Long-run dynamics of FDI and its spillovers onto output:  Evidence from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation region  A Bende-Nabende, J L Ford, S Sen, J Slater
00-11 FDI locational determinants and the linkage between FDI and other macro-economic factors:  Long-run dynamics in Pacific Asia A Bende-Nabende, J L Ford, S Sen, J Slater
00-12  The Option of Financial Liberalisation for Emerging Markets Jose Brandao de Brito
00-13 An Integrable Form of the Almost Ideal Demand System Ralph W Bailey, Paul Brenton
00-14  Default and Efficient Debt Markets Jayasri Dutta, Sandeep Kapur
00-15 Growth Conflicts Jayasri Dutta

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