2002 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
02-01   Monopoly, Externalities and Non-Profit Maximising Firms David Kelsey
02-02  On the Asymptotic Properties of Some Seasonal Unit Root Tests A M Robert Taylor
02-03 Diversification Versus Specialisation: An Event Study of M&AS in the European Banking Industry Laetitia Lepetit, Stéphanie Patry, Philippe Rous
02-04    FDI and the Capital Intensity of 'Dirty' Sectors: A Missing Piece of the Pollutation Haven Puzzle  Matthew A Cole, Robert J R Elliott  
02-05  On Tests for Double Differencing: Some Extensions and the Role of Initial Values  A M Robert Taylor, Paulo M M Rodrigues 
02-06  Testing Against Stochastic Trend and Seasonality in the Presence of Unattended Breaks and Unit Roots A M Robert Taylor, Fabio Busetti  
02-07   Alternative Estimators and Unit Root Tests for Seasonal Autoregressive Processes    A M Robert Taylor, Paulo M M Rodrigues 
02-08   Universal Banking and Equity Investment: Consequences on Bank Risk and Investment Laetitia Lepetit
02-09 Free Riders Do Not Like Uncertainty Ralph W Bailey, Jürgen Eichberger, David Kelsey
02-10 The Cross-Selling of Bank Credit and Services: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis  Emmanuelle Nys
02-12 Asymmetric Play in a Linear Quadratic Differential Game with Bounded Controls Colin Rowat
02-13   Functional Nash Equilibria in Commons Games Colin Rowat
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