2003 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
03-01  Imperfect Competition and Corporate Governance David Kelsey, Frank Milne
03-02  Multi-Stage Games with Ambiguity David Kelsey, Jürgen Eichberger
03-03 Asymptotic Distributions for Regression-Based Seasonal Unit Root Tests in a Near-Integrated Model A. M. Robert Taylor, Paulo M. M. Rodrigues
03-04   Ordering the Dispersion of OLS Under Near-Integration  Ralph W. Bailey, Peter Burridge  
03-05  What was Lost with IS-LM  Roger E. Backhouse, David Laidler 
03-06  Ambiguity and Social Interaction David Kelsey, Jürgen Eichberger, Burkhard Schipper  
03-07   A Suggestion for Clarifying the Study of Dissent in Economics    Roger E. Backhouse 
03-08   History and Equilibrium: A Partial Defence of Equilibrium Economics Roger E. Backhouse
03-09 What Type of Country Restricts International Capital Movements Peter Sinclair, Dan Huynh
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