2005 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
05-01  The Commons with Capital Markets Colin Rowat, Jayasri Dutta
05-02  Endogenous Market Thickness, Prices and Honesty :Quality Demand Traps Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay
05-03 The Reform of Local Taxation in the United Kingdom in the Light of The Balance of Funding Review Report John Fender
05-04  Theoretical Foundations of the Gravity Trade Model  Richard Barrett, Somnath Sen, Anca Voicu  
05-05  Non-Linear Strategies in a Linear Quadratic Differential Game  Colin Rowat 
05-05R Non-linear Strategies in a linear quadratic differential game Colin Rowat  
05-06  Long Run Relationship and Structural Change between the US and EU  Wheat Export Prices    Marco R. Barassi, Atanu Ghoshray 
05-07  On Robust Trend Function Hypothesis Testing David I. Harvey, Stephen J. Leybourne, A. M. Robert Taylor
05-08 Can Mediation Improve Upon Cheap-Talk? A Note Chirantan Ganguly, Indrajit Ray
05-09 The Real Part of a Complex ARMA Process  Ralph W. Bailey
05-10 Testing the Null of Co-integration in the Presence of Variance Breaks Giuseppe Cavaliere , A. M. Robert Taylor
05-11  Ambiguity in Financial Markets : Herding and Contrarian Behaviour J. L. Ford, D. Kelsey, W. Pang
05-12 Local Learning, Trade Policy and Industrial Structure Dynamics Facundo Albornoz, Paolo Vanin
05-13  Why Did British Electricity Prices Fall After 1998? Joanne Evans, Richard Green
05-14 Subsidy Competition in Integrating Economies Facundo Albornoz, Gregory Corcos
05-15  Subsidy Competition and the Mode of FDI: Acquisition vs Greenfield Facundo Albornoz, Gregory Corcos, Toby Kendall
05-16 Intermediation by Aid Agencies Colin Rowat, Paul Seabright
05-17  Globalization, Firm-Level Characteristics and Environmental Management: A Study of Japan Matthew A. Cole, Robert J. Elliott, Kenichi Shimamoto
05-18 Multiple Equilibria as a Difficulty in Understanding Correlated Distributions Anirban Kar, Indrajit Ray, Roberto Serrano
05-19  The Commons with Capital Markets Colin Rowat, Jayasri Dutta
04-17R Delegated Search: Procedure Matters Peter Postl

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