2006 Discussion Papers

2011 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
06-01  Who is Learning From Whom? A Study of Households Forming Expectations in the US and UK Joshy Easaw, Atanu Ghoshray and Marco Barassi
04-23R  Optimal Two Stage Committee Voting Rules Ian Ayres Colin Rowat, Nasser Zakariya
04-11R The Road to Extinction: Commons with Capital Markets Jayasri Dutta and Colin Rowat
06-02  UK Employees’ Sickness Absence: 1984-2005  Marco G. Ercolani  
06-03   The Euro-changeover and Euro-inflation: Evidence from EuroStat’s HICP  Marco G. Ercolani and Jayasri Dutta 
06-04  Crime as a local public bad, neighbourhood observation and reporting  Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay and Kalyan Chatterjee  
06-05  Dominant Strategy Implementable Compromises   Peter Postl 
06-06 A note on the Impossibility of Efficient N-Person Compromises Peter Postl
06-07 Inefficient Procurement Peter Postl
06-08 Dynamic vs. Static Stock Index Futures Hedging : A Case Study for Malaysia  J L Ford, Wee Ching Pok, S Poshakwale
06-09 The Predictabiltiy of KLSE CI Stock Index Futures Returns and The Conditional Multifactor APT Model J L Ford, Wee Ching Pok, S Poshakwale
06-10  Aggregative Games Martin Jensen
06-11 Efficient Compromising Tilman Börgers and Peter Postl

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