2007 Discussion Papers

2010 discussion papers
Numbers Discussion paper title Authors(s)
07-01 Persistence and Nominal Inertia in a Generalized Taylor Economy: How longer Contracts Dominate Shorter Contracts Huw Dixon and Engin Kara
07-02   Carbon Tax or Carbon Permits: The Impact on Generators' Risks Richard Green
07-03 An Economic Theory of Political Institutions: Foreign Intervention and Overseas Investments S.Aidt and F.Albornoz
04-11RR The Road to Extinction: Commons with Capital Markets Jayasri Dutta and Colin Rowat
04-23RR Optimal Two Stage Committee Voting Rules  Ian Ayres, Colin Rowat and Nasser Zakariya
07-06 Political Regimes and Economic Growth in Latin America  Facundo Albornoz and Jayasri Dutta
07-07    Asian Currency Crises: Do fundamentals still Matter?  A Markov-Switching Approach to Causes and Timing J L Ford, Bagus Santoso and N J Horsewood 
07-08 The Environmental Performance of Firms: The Role of Foreign Ownership, Training and Experience  Matthew A Cole, Robert J R Elliott and Eric Strobl
07-09 On the Measurement of Changes in Product Quality in Marginal Intra-Industry Trade  A K M Azhar and Robert J R Elliott 
07-10 Pareto-Improving Income Tax Reform Peter Sinclair 
07-11 Growth in Britain  Bill Allen, Esther Baroudy, Richard Batley, Bruno Paulson and Peter Sinclair 
07-12 What do we really mean by monetary (or price) stability, and financial stability?   Peter Sinclair 
07-13 Cyclical Trends in Continuous Time Models  Joanne S Ercolani 
07-14 Public Sector Capital and the Transition from Dictatorship to Democracy  Christopher J Ellis and John Fender 
07-17 Learning by exporting: do firm characteristics matter? Evidence from Argentinian panel data  Facundo Albornoz and Marco Ercolani 
05-12R Trade Policy and Industrial Structure  Facundo Albornoz and Paolo Vanin 
05-15R Subsidy competition and the Mode of FDI: Acquisition vs Greenfield  Facundo Albornoz, Gregory Corcos, Toby Kendall 

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