2012 discussion papers

2012 discussion papers
Numbers  Discussion paper title  Author(s)
11-14R Coarse Correlated Equilibria and Sunspots Indrajit Ray and Sonali Sen Gupta
12-02 Punishing the Foreigner: Implicit Discrimination in the Premier League Based on the Oppositional Identity Edoardo Gallo, Thomas Grund and J. James Reade
05-08RRR Simple Mediation in a Cheap-Talk Game Chirantan Ganguly and Indrajit Ray
12-04 Following Recommendations to Avoid Coordination - Failure in 2 x 2 Games John Bone, Michalis Drouvelis and Indrajit Ray
12-05 Pollution, Mortality and Optimal Environmental Policy Aditya Goenka, Saqib Jafarey and William Pouliot
12-06 Market Thickness, Prices and Honesty: A Quality Demand Trap Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay
11-14RR Coarse Correlated Equilibira in Linear Duopoly Games Indrajit Ray and Sonali Sen Gupta
12-08             Distributional Comparative Statics Martin Kaae Jensen
12-09 Acquisitive Crime, Sentencing and Detection: An Analysis of England and Wales Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Samrat Bhattacharya, Marianna Koli and Rudra Sensarma
12-10 News and Financial Intermediation in Aggregate and Sectoral Fluctuations Christoph Görtz and John D. Tsoukalas
12-11 Sufficient Conditions for Unique Stable sets in Three Agent Pillage Games Manfred Kerber and Colin Rowat
12-12 Monetary Transmission Mechanism and Time Variation in the Euro Area Kemal Bagzibagli
12-13 Dynamic Prudential Regulation           
Afrasiab Mirza