2014 discussion papers

Numbers Discussion paper title Author(s)
14-01     A Formal Proof of Vickrey’s Theorem by Blast, Simp, and Rule Manfred Kerber, Christophe Lange and Colin Rowat
14-02 Tests to Disentangle Breaks in Intercept from Slope in Linear Regression Models with Application to Management Performance in the Mutual Fund Industry Jose Olmo and William Pouliot
14-03 Climate Change, Hydro-dependency and the African Dam Boom Matthew A Cole, Robert J R Elliott and Eric Strobl
14-04 Ideological Dissent in Downsian Politics Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay, Manaswini Bhalla, Kalyan Chatterjee and Jaideep Roy
14-05 Urbanization and Energy Intensity: A Province-level Study for China Robert J R Elliott, Puyang Sun and Tong Zhu
14-06 Withdrawn  
14-07 A Model of Housing and Credit Cycles with Imperfect Market Knowledge Pei Kuang  
14-08 A Note on Learning in a Credit Economy  Pei Kuang  
14-09 Green Jobs and Growth in the United States: Green Shoots or False Dawn? 

Robert J R Elliott and Joanne K Lindley

14-10 Queuing Up for Justice: Elections and Case Backlogs 

Siddhartha Banyopadhyay and Bryan C McCannon

14-11 Becoming Applied: The Transformation of Economics After 1970 

Roger Backhouse and Beatrice Cherrier

Hans Apel, Samuelson's Economics and Academic Freedom, 1950 - 57 

Roger Backhouse