Economic Theory

The research interests of the group cover a wide range of theoretical and applied topics that include game theory, general equilibrium theory, economic dynamics, financial innovation, economic policy making, political economy and development economics. 

Members publish their research in top rated journals and present their work in seminars and in conferences in universities worldwide. The group organises several widely attended internal meetings, workshops and conferences. Members of the group have held several research grants from funding bodies including ESRC, World Bank and British Academy. 

Members of the group

Economic Theory Research Group leader: Professor Aditya Goenka
Research interests: Economic fluctuations, economic epidemiology, economic growth, general equilibrium theory, market games. 

Professor Ganna Pogrebna
Research interests: Behavioral science, computer science, data analytics, engineering, and business model innovation. 

Professor Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay
Research interests: Political economy, the economics of crime and economic evaluation of policy, game theoretic modelling of criminal behaviour. 

Professor Kim Scharf
Research interests: Public economics, the economics of philanthropy and political economy. 

Dr Claire Crawford
Research Interests:  Determinants of educational attainment, education policy

Dr Michalis Drouvelis
Research interests: Social preferences, voluntary cooperation in the presence of free rider incentive, coordination games, impact of emotions on economic decision-making. 

Dr Colin Rowat
Research interests: Mechanised reasoning, weak property rights, differential games, microeconomic theory. 

Dr Amalia di Girolamo
Research interests: Field and laboratory experiments with a specific focus on gender differences in risk preferences, public economics, financial literacy and the economics of education. 

Dr Zhihua Li
Research interests: Decision under risk and ambiguity, reference dependent decisions, intertemporal decision making, strategic decision making, rationality and nudge, social influence on decision making. 

Dr Johannes Lohse
Research interests: Behavioural economics of climate change, voluntary cooperation in the presence of free rider incentive, the effect of cognitive constraints on economic decision making, social identity and revealed preferences, risk taking. 

Dr Rebecca McDonald
Research interests: Behavioural economics, experimental economics, economics of non-market valuation. 

Dr Afrasiab Mirza
Research interests: Banking eegulation, corporate finance, optimal taxation, mechanism design. 

Dr William Pouliot
Research interests: Econometric theory, financial econometrics, labour economics, future economic theory.

Dr Joseph Bromfield
Research interests: Competition policy (particularly merger policy), macroeconomics, and the history of economic thought.

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