Trade, Environment, Development and Energy Research Group

The Trade, Environment, Development and Energy (TEDE) Research Group is primarily an applied economics and econometrics and applied theory group that does research at the intersection between the four related research areas of international economics, development economics, environmental economics and energy economics.

We also encourage interdisciplinary research that encompasses environmental science, development studies, engineering, international business, computer science, regional studies, human geography, international political economy and area studies.

Specific topics include trade and the environment, energy systems, natural disasters, African development, labour share, institutional economics, the global value chain, the Chinese and Indian economies, the exporting and importing behaviour of firms, spatial econometrics, economics of climate change, the environmental behaviour of firms and much more.


Professor Robert Elliott

Professor Robert Elliott

Director of Admissions and Recruitment

Professor Robert Elliott is an applied economist who works at the intersection of international economics, development economics, environmental and energy economics and international business. He has a particular interest in the Chinese economy, firm behaviour, natural disasters and the impact of globalisation on the environment.

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+44 (0) 121 414 7700

Professor Matthew Cole

Professor Matthew Cole

Professor of Environmental Economics
Head of Department

Professor Matthew Cole is Head of the Department of Economics. Research Interests include Environmental Economics; Development Economics; International Economics (and the intersection of the three).

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Dr Marco Barassi

Dr Marco Barassi

Lecturer in Econometrics
Programme Director

Dr Marco Barassi joined the Department of Economics in September 2001 as a Lecturer in Econometrics.  He received his Ph.D. from the Imperial College in London. Marco's interests lie in the area of time series econometrics with particular reference to structural changes.

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Dr. Maria Jesus Herrerias

Dr. Maria Jesus Herrerias

Lecturer in Energy Economics

Maria Jesus Herrerias is Lecturer in Energy Economics at the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham. She is an expert on Chinese studies based on economic growth, international trade and regional development. Since 2010, she has extended her research to energy economics.

My research interest relies in the intersection of energy economics, international economics, sustainable ...

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Dr Panagiotis Fouskas

Dr Panagiotis Fouskas

Lecturer in Economics

Panos joined the Department of Economics, at Birmingham University, in 2014. He holds a BSc degree in Economics with specialization in General Economic Theory and Policy from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), Greece, a MSc degree in Financial and Business Economics from University of Essex, Department of Economics, UK and a PhD in Economics from Swansea University, UK. Panos has ...

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PhD students


TEDE group PhD students
PhD student nameResearch titleSupervisor
Beltran Hernandez, Allan The Economic Valuation of Flood Risk Maddison, D and Elliott, R
Cen, Yan Chinese City Size Distribution and Growth Pattern Cole, Mand Elliott, R
Giansoldati, Marco Trade and Finance: Microeconometric Evidence from China Guariglia, A and Elliott, R
Jones, Benjamin Environmental and natural resource taxation Maddison, Dand Sinclair, P
Libardi De Carvalho, Mateus Behavioral economics and intertemporal decision making Maddison, Dand Raymond, J
Liu, Bing Economics of Globalisation; Financial Derivatives; Empirical International Trade Elliott, R and Jabbour, L
Liu, Yi CEOs wage differential in the A-share and H-share companies: A sample selectivity approach Henry, M and Elliott, R
Occhiali, Giovanni Climate,Hydropower and Economic Performance in Africa Cole, Mand Elliott, R
Prashar, Neha A theoretical and empirical analysis of affirmative action Henry, M and Bandyopadhyay, S
Salci, Sener Optimization of an Electric Utility withRenewable Energy Sources: Wind and Solar Applicationsin Cyprus Green, R and Maddison, D
Tian, Xiaoyu The role of dymanics and quantity in determining international trade Elliott, Rand Albornoz-Crespo, F
Tong, Meng Agglomeration economies in China Elliott, Rand Horsewood, N
Vanino, Enrico Europe's Changing Relationship with China and the Impact on Firm Behaviour Elliott, Rand Jabbour, L
Zhang, Liyun The role of dynamics and quality in determining international trade Elliott, RHorsewood, N
Zhu, Tong Energy, economic growth, and international trade Elliott, Rand Cole, M



*Selected pubulications for the current REF period. 

Author(s) Journal articles 

Cole, M.A., R.J.R. Elliott and J. Zhang (2011)

"Growth, FDI and the Environment: Evidence from Chinese Cities." Journal of Regional Science, 51(1), 121-138.
Cole, M.A., R.J.R. Elliott and J. Zhang (2009)   "Corruption, Governance and FDI Location in China: A Province-level Analysis." Journal of Development Studies, 45(9), 1494-1513. 
Cole, M.A., R.J.R Elliott and J. Lindley (2009)  "Dirty Money: is there a Wage Premium for Working in a Pollution Intensive Industry?" Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 39(2), 161-180. 
Cole, M.A. and P.G. Fredriksson (2009)  "Institutionalized Pollution Havens." Ecological Economics, 68(4), 925-1274.

Author(s) Journal articles 
Di Maria, C. and B. Anderson (2011)  "Abatement and Allocation in the Pilot Phase of the EU ETS." Environmental and Resource Economics, 48(1), 83-103. 
Di Maria, C. and P. Stryszowski (2009)  "Migration, Human Capital Accumulation and Economic Development." Journal of Development Economics, 90(2), 306-313. 
Di Maria, C. and E. van der Werf (2008) "Carbon Leakage Revised: Unilateral Climate Policy under Directed Technical Change." Environmental and Resource Economics, 39, 55-74. 
Di Maria, C. and S. Valente (2008) "Hicks meets Hotelling: the Direction of Technical Change in Capital-Resource Economies." Environment and Development Economics, 13(06): 691-717. 

Author(s) Journal articles 
Cole, M.A., R.J.R. Elliott and T. Okubo (2010) "Trade, Environmental Regulations and Industrial Mobility: an Industry-Level Study of Japan." Ecological Economics, 69(10), 1995-2002. 
Cole, M.A., R.J.R. Elliott and J. Zhang (2009)  "Corruption, Governance and FDI Location in China: A Province-level Analysis." Journal of Development Studies, 45(9), 1494-1513.
Cole, M.A., R.J.R Elliott and J. Lindley (2009)  "Dirty Money: is there a Wage Premium for Working in a Pollution Intensive Industry?" Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 39(2), 161-180.
Elliott, R.J.R. and J.K. Lindley (2008)  "Immigrant Wage Differentials, Ethnicity and Occupational Clustering." Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series A, 171(3), 645-671. 

Author(s)       Journal articles 
Girma, S., M. Henry, R. Kneller and C.R. Milner (forthcoming)             "Threshold and Interaction Effects in the Openness-Productivity Growth Relationship: the Role of Natural Barriers", Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics. 
Henry, M, R. Kneller and C.R. Milner (2009)   "Trade, Technology Transfer and National Efficiency in Developing Countries." European Economic Review, 53(2), 237-254. 
Görg, H., M. Henry, E. Strobl and F. Walsh (2009)    "Multinational Companies, Backward, Linkages and Labour Demand Elasticities." Canadian Journal of Economics, 42(1), 332–348.
Görg, H., M. Henry and E. Strobl (2008)  "Grant Support and Exporting Activity." Review of Economics and Statistics, 90(1), 168-174. 

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Author(s) Journal articles 
Maddison, D. and K. Rehdanz (forthcoming)  "Climate and Life Satisfaction." Ecological Economics.                         
Rehdanz, K. and D. Maddison (2009)  "The Amenity Value of Climate to Households in Germany." Oxford Economic Papers, 61, 150-167. 
Maddison, D. (2009)  "A Spatio-temporal Model of Farmland Values." Journal of Agricultural Economics, 60(1), 171-189.
Rehdanz, K. and D. Maddison (2008) "Local Environmental Quality and Life-satisfaction in Germany." Ecological Economics, 64(4), 787-797.

Research grants

*Selected research grants held by group members from 2002 onwards.

Source: British Academy 
Title: Skills for Innovation and Growth
Researcher(s): Corrado Di Maria (PI) 
Amount: £7,260 
Period: 2011 to 2013

Source: European Commission Jean Monnet Multilateral Research Group
Title: EU-East Asia Relations in the Emerging Multi-polar World
Researcher(s): Cillian Ryan, with Maastricht University, University of Melbourne, Renmin University of China, Kobe University (Japan) and the Pusan National University (South Korea)
Amount: €80,000
Period: 2011

Source: ESRC 
Title: The Dynamics of International Trade: Sequencing, Experimenting and Quality
Researcher(s): Robert Elliott (PI), Facundo Albornoz-Crespo
Amount: £73,524
Period: June 2010 to November 2011

Source: The Leverhulme Trust
Title: Industrial Activity and the Environment: A Spatial Analysis
Researcher(s): Matthew Cole (PI), Robert Elliott, David Maddison and Marco Barassi
Amount: £70,000Period: June 2010 to June 2012

Source: ESRI, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
Title: Environmental Policy and its Effects on Technology Diffusion: Theory and Lessons from Europe
Researcher(s): Corrado Di Maria and Frank Convery
Amount: €45,000 
Period: 2008 to 2009

Source: European Commission
Title: The Impact of EU-Mercosur Trade Liberalisation on the EU Financial Services Sector – Sustainability Impact Assessment Study on EU-Mercosur Trade Negotiations
Researcher(s): Cillian Ryan, Victor Murinde
Amount: €150,000
Period: 2008

Source: EU 
Title: CIRCE (a project concerned with migration and climate change in the EU)
Researcher(s): David Maddison 
Amount: €100,000 
Period: December 2007 to March 2011

Source: RoI EPA – Science, Technology, Research & Innovation for the Environment (STRIVE) Programme
Title: The EU Emission Trading Scheme and the Greening of Technology
Researcher(s): Corrado Di Maria (PI) Amount: €80,000
Period: 2007 to 2010

Source: APREC, Paris (France)
Title: Ex-post Analysis of the EU ETS
Researcher(s): Corrado Di Maria (PI) 
Amount: €89,000 
Period: 2007 to 2009

Source: European Commission: Jean-Monnet Action Project 
Title: Financial Market Integration, Structural Change, FDI and Economic Growth in the EU 25
Researcher(s): Cillian Ryan with Wuppertal, Budapest and Madrid
Amount: €120,000 
Period: 2006 to 2008

Source: The Leverhulme Trust 
Title: Globalisation and the Environment: Causes, Consequences and Policy Implications 
Researcher(s): Matthew Cole and Robert Elliott
Amount: £98,000 
Period: June 2004 to June 2007

Source: European Commission: Jean-Monnet Action Project 
Title: European Union and ASEAN: Historical Dimensions, Comparative Analysis and Politico-Economic Dynamics
Researcher(s): Cillian Ryan with Wuppertal, Birmingham, Chulalongkorn (Thailand)
Amount: €150,000 
Period: 2004 to 2005

Source: ESRC 
Title: Globalisation, Competitiveness and the Environment: A UK and European Perspective 
Researcher(s): Matthew Cole (PI) and Robert Elliott
Amount: £40,000 
Period: September 2002 to April 2004


Past Event

Date: 2-3 December 2008
Title: PhD Workshop in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Associated Groups, Centres and Clusters

There are clear synergies between the TEDE research group and the EEEM, China and Global Value Chains Business School research clusters. At the University we have a link to the Birmingham Energy and Policy Research (BEPRI) and the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research (BiFor).


Group members are responsible for a number of postrgraduate programmes including:

and also contribute to teaching on the Midlands Energy Graduate School (MEGS).

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Blogs related to the work of the group include Globalisation and the Environment and China Economics.