Risk, Reliability and Resilience Cluster

A key research collaboration within the Department of Management concerns risk, reliability and resilience. The purpose of this research is to understand why, despite the best efforts of senior executives, many organizations continue to fail and how they might become more reliable and resilient.

The research agenda pursuing R3 covers a number of different fields including crisis management, change management, leadership and project management. Importantly, the philosophy adopted by here eschews prescriptive models that focus on steps and stages, in favour of a more holistic approach that analyses individual, group and systemic factors as a way to more effectively deal with emerging risk and uncertainty.

“We eschew prescriptive models that focus on steps and stages, in favour of a more holistic approach”

This more holistic approach makes understanding how to manage risk, reliability and resilience an important business skill before, during and after a crisis occurs. The Department offers research, teaching, training and consultancy in this area of study.

Research Outputs

Research in this area of study has been published by prestigious academic presses such as Sage, Routledge, and Cambridge University and Cornell University Press, as well as in leading peer-reviewed journals such as Academy of Management Discoveries, Economic and Industrial Democracy, Human Relations, International Journal of Project Management, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Leadership, New Technology, Work and Employment, and Public Administration.

Members have also been quoted in The Guardian, Washington Post, New York Times, The Conversation and appeared on television on CNN and CBS Radio.










Project Resilience: The Art of Noticing, Interpreting, Preparing, Containing and Recovering (2015)
By Elmar Kutsch and Mark Hall


The Next Crash: How Short-Term Profit Seeking Trumps Airline Safety (2014)

By Amy Fraher
ILR Press


Thinking Through Crisis: Improving Teamwork and Leadership in High-Risk Fields (2011)

By Amy Fraher
Cambridge University Press


Lead contacts

Dr Mark Hall

Senior Lecturer in Project and Operations Management

Telephone: +44 (0)121 414 8577
Email: m.a.hall.1@bham.ac.uk

Mark is a senior lecturer in project and operations management. Previously, he worked at the University of Bristol and University of Bath. Apart from operations and project management, he has also taught change and innovation management, organizational theory and research methods, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. His current area of research is in behaviours in response to risk in projects. He is also interested in public sector projects, public-private partnerships and sustainability.

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Barbara Bradbury

Doctoral Student, Department of Management

Email: bbb761@student.bham.ac.uk

Barbara registered as a PhD student at Birmingham Business School in September 2017. Her former career was in the NHS and she is the founder and Managing Director of Halland Institute, provider of Organisational Development consultancy and executive coaching to the public sector. She is a retired Army Major (TAVR) and currently the Chair of Governors of the federated Infant and Junior Schools in her home town of Epsom.

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Barbara Bradbury

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